Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Super Amazing Metallic Chest Google Robot's Karate Kid move is Perfectly

It’s a pose all kid who grew up in the '80s can confirm you: the "crane" from the 1984 classicThe Karate Kid
Now a humanoid robot made by Google has mastered the similar move: balancing with one robotic foot atop a stack of cinderblocks, while raising the other knee up to its hard chest and lifting its arms so they look like a pair of wings.

Then it jumps! No, not in reality. The Atlas robot — which was built by the now Google-owned Boston Dynamics (the same robotics company that brought you Big Dog and a robot that can run as fast as a cheetah) and planned by The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) — balances for a long while, but never pulls off the trademark kick similar to Ralph Macchio (who played the lead character in Karate Kid).

nevertheless, what Atlas does do is mind-boggling.

In the generally minute-and-a-half-long video, the robot not only pulls off a wonderful crane, it also practices other poses, all while managing never to fall off the blocks. Watching Atlas in action, one has to surprise if a human could handle a related feat.

Creepiness aside, the talent for a robot to walk, run and normally stay upright is not small feat. The human body is held upright not by magic, but by continually adjusting muscles, all restricted by the brain, which gathers information from places similar to the ears, which help us manage balance. Even walking for us is mainly controlled falling.

If you wish a robot to walk and move like a human, you have to duplicate much of that cleverness. Now, however, that robot intelligence (or algorithm) includes balancing on one artificial leg, which is an order of magnitude more complicated for humans and robots.

Go ahead — attempt balancing on one foot while standing on the floor. Not bad. Now attempt it on top of a stack of books. We’ll wait. Bet you have a bit more value for Atlas now.

Like everything else Atlas can do (walking, climbing stairs, avoiding obstacles), the humanoid’s latest tricks are not just fun technology exhibition. Atlas is, in a sense, training for a big effort.
ast year, Atlas came in second in the DARPA Grand Challenge by proving it could complete many of the responsibilities normally provided by first responders to disasters.

The robot heads back to DARPA competition this year, and some scientist believe its Crane pose could lift it up and over the competition -– or at least deliver a final blow to the chin.

By the way, if you want to teach your own robot how to stand and pose like Ralph Macchio, you're in fate. IMHC Robotics started open-sourcing its algorithms, which may at last include the Crane move, in September.

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Top 5 Online Videos Sharing Websites - for new bloggers

Top 5 Online Videos Sharing Websites - for new bloggersHello! to our dear users, I am your new helper, hope you all like my work. This is my first article for My Blogger Widgets and its on Top 5 Online Videos Sharing Websites - for bloggers. In hole world 60% peoples have used internet to watch free videos.We bloggers can get advantage of videos sharing websites. Just we have to work on some videos and upload them to free videos sharing websites with a link back to our blog. Here you will get a list of Top 5 Online Videos Sharing Websites. So! you can freely upload your videos to these websites. Also you can watch and download your favorite videos. If you want more traffic and better rankings of your videos then embed your videos in your blog posts.
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Saturday, 1 February 2014

How To Add Google Custom Search Box In Blogger


Search box is always a better solution of
  many problems of bloggers. It helps visitors
  to access of many posts of your site
  through such a simple key words. Visitors
  can type their keywords in search box and
  it shows all posts according to keyword.
  So it is a good thing and get lots of benefits
  to add it in your blogger blog / site.
  That’s why today i am going to show such
  a simple way to add custom search box in
  blog / site. So let’s have a look on these steps.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Add Google Translate Button In Blogger


 In this world a huge number of peoples
 and they are different from us i mean there
 culture, caste, society and the main is
 language. Here is approximately thousands
 of languages in our world and if we talk
 about our Blogging field here is also many
 people who cam to your site is from another
 country and region and they don’t know the
 specific language that we use to write our
 blog posts well as we know we also almost use English language that also known in many countries but in some country people don’t know this language so its difficult to show our knowledge to them, But Google always help Bloggers and this time also they introduce its translate button feature which help your readers to read what you exactly want to tell your readers so its a simple procedure lets have a look.

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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Add Mashable Style Sharing Widget In Blogger


  As we published many widgets  and on many of

  our readers demand today we are introducing
  Mashable Style Sharing Widget which we are
  also using right now. Recently we published
  Today we are publishing this widget it is
  including your Google+ Page, Your Twitter
  Page, and your RSS Feedburner ID. Well
  this is very cool widget which includes many
  social sites which help to get in touch with
  your readers and new visitors. Without taking
  much time lets start our tutorial i will show you
  how to add this in your Blogger Template and
  its customization. So lets have a look on this Widget.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Add Facebook Popup Like Box With Light Effect In Blogger


Facebook is social media network site
and need no introduction. Almost every
person who use internet is know about
Facebook. For Bloggers Facebook have
a lot of benefits for Pro Bloggers and
 web developers. As i already mentioned
 in my previous articles that Facebook
is a huge platform to get traffic. And
Facebook also introduce many features
for Bloggers and web developers. So today i am sharing a new widget Facebook Popup like widget for Blogger. It will help you to increase your Facebook page likes. This widget appear when someone open your site or Blog. So lets start to add this widget in Blogger.

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